One of the oldest Easter traditions of Greek Orthodox Christians are the red dyed eggs, which are associated with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The egg’s shell symbolizes the empty rock tomb from which Jesus arose after his crucifixion. … One connects Mary Magdalene to …

I like to dye my eggs with sea weed it’s seaweed that the fishermen here on the island pick from the sea and I boil my eggs in it for about a half an hour .Then when they cool off I wipe them with some olive oil to make them shine

Great Thursday and most households fill 
plates with red eggs 
A custom that follows in many countries as 
well as in the neighboring Balkans 
Why is this custom? 
The Christian tradition wants to be placed by the 
mother of the crucified Jesus on his feet and 
 stained with blood which ran from his wounds. 
Another tradition of Christians wants a woman to 
walk on the road after the Crucifixion of Jesus, 
holding a basket of eggs. They were told that Christ 
was resurrected. She also replied that only if the eggs 
blush will believe it. A few minutes later the eggs were reddish.
Irrespective of the housewife’s procedure, 
the dye uses vinegar. According to tradition, 
because vinegar drank and Christ when it was crucified. 
Many are the way of painting eggs, in addition to their modern 
methods of making them with the industrialized dyes. 
For classic red, beetroot, 
rosewood and onion binders are used. MAKING FROM MAZES In Kefalonia as it is known for the dyeing of eggs we use the herb of the sea that we call PAFI In our course came also foreign customs Painting egg in various colors As I read recently, in a few years we will not need to paint the eggs !!

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