Melissani and Drogsrati caves

Days and hours of Melissani and Drogarati caves for April


We inform you that in view of the beginning of the tourist season the Melissani and Drogarati caves are ready to welcome visitors, who will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique natural beauty of our island.

The opening hours for April are as follows:

1 – 19 April: Wednesday – Friday – Sunday from 11:00 am until 15:00

April 20 – 30: Daily from 10:00 am until 16:00.

Especially due to the arrival of the first cruise ship of the new tourist season on Monday 1 April, the caves will operate at 10:00 am. at 17:00 pm

(It should be noted following this Press Release the arrival of the unscheduled cruise ship (AIDAblu) announced on 29th March was cancelled due to bad weather in seas between Crete and Kefalonia, this may impact the planned opening times for 1st April)

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